some of my STORYBOARD work (2 large samples and surprises. Check it out!)

Welcome to my professional page. It's still a work in progress. I let you take a look to one episode of the hilarious series "Hubert & Takako" (Xilam 2012-2013), created and directed by Hugo Gittard  and one sequence of my rough board for the film "My mommy is in America" (Label Anim 2011-2012), directed by Marc Boréal and Thibaud Chatel.

Let's start with some treats!

  (Marcus Level, Mondo TV limited, created and directed by Ahmed Guerrouache) An episode I wrote and storyboarded. One day I may post some samples of the storyboard :)

 "MARCUS LEVEL" OPENING sequence, I hope you can watch it everywhere in the world.

                                                 Property of  ©MONDO TV FRANCE

Opening cards of the episodes I storyboarded on the series "Hubert and Takako" (Xilam 2012/ 2013) and "Floopaloo, where are you?"Season 1 ("Flapacha, où es-tu?" in french and previously named "Summer Camp", Xilam 2011) You won't see those on the final series: I love starting with some quick  colored sketches before black and grey become my only friends for a long time!

FULL 7 minutes EPISODE of "Hubert & Takako"(full and clean) (toonboom storyboard pro 2)
H&T season 1, SHOW 36. © Xilam Animation, Paris.

Resume: Hubert, the urban pig, lives with his mate, Takako, the energic fly. Takako will help Hubert to seduce Jennifer, the beautiful supermarket cashier. To manage this, she first has to teach him how to swim...

Full storyboard of "Hubert & Takako" season 1, episode 36,
 please do not copy or use. property of Xilam animation.

ROUGH STORYBOARD sample from the animated film :
"My Mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill"
"Ma Maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill"  Label Anim©2013 
Pencil and Photoshop
Lecture verticale par colonne/ vertical reading from left-hand column.

Resume: Jean, a 6 years old boy and his little brother live alone with their father and their nurse. They've been told their mother was travelling until the day Jean's neighbour, Michèle, shows him a postcard and pretends it's from his mother in the US... this Christmas morning, Jean wants to show his present to Michèle:

Full rough sequence of "My Mommy is in America", please do not
copy or use. property of Label Anim.

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